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It’s no secret:
Amazon's Kindle is officially the new online gold rush and here’s why:
It’s packed with buyers – over $19 BILLION Kindle book sales in 2012
Amazon does the marketing for you
No upfront costs – you only pay a small fee when your book sells
But there’s a problem…

Formatting your Kindle books
correctly is not that easy!

And if you skip the formatting stage, your Kindle books will get a firestorm of negative reviews from buyers… … and your sales will grind to halt like a car crash.

Even one bad review is enough to kill your Kindle cashflow, which is why proper formatting is critical to your success.

But the question is…

WHY is Kindle formatting so difficult?

Because it’s not like formatting a Word document.

It takes a bunch of weird coding, html, scripts and more…

just to format the most simple Kindle book!

Do you really want to mess with this stuff, every time you publish a Kindle book?

It Gets Worse.

Because Amazon’s Kindle Preview Tool
is not all that great!

It doesn’t show half your formatting errors until your book is already published…

and once that happens, it’s already too late.

People see your screwed up formatting and you’re dead in the water.

And the last thing you need is a bad reputation on Kindle…

because once people get to know you as “the one who puts out crappy books that look rushed…”

… you’re done.

And that’s if your Kindle book even gets past
the Amazon gatekeepers at all!

See, if you can’t see your formatting errors…

… and you don’t have the time or skill to prevent them happening in the first place…

… the Kindle staff will take one look at your weird bugs, jacked up layouts and dysfunctional Table Of Contents…

… and slam the Kindle doors in your face.

Back to the drawing board…

… as you try and figure out how to fix these “thorn-in-the-side” formatting fudge ups…

… and then go through the whole darn submission process again.

And I hate to say this, but that’s just the beginning of your Kindle woes because…

If you’re a frequent Kindle publisher, you’re
already falling behind (sorry, but it’s true…)

The most successful Kindle publishers don’t just release one title and sit back waiting for the money to roll in…

… because the truth is, even the biggest authors in the world didn’t hit the jackpot with their first try.

The secret to Kindle success is mass-publication.

The more titles you have on Kindle, the more sales you’ll make (… but this brings a whole new problem to the table)

With hundreds of images, Word docs, PDFs all scattered across your computer…

… it’s easy to lose track when you’re publishing multiple books on Kindle.

So every time you want to publish a Kindle book, you’ve got to figure out complex coding, gather up all your files, remember your passwords, login to Kindle and hope they approve your submission.

After a few titles, it gets pretty old.

So what’s the solution?

Well, here’s the bad news.

There are barely ANY solutions out there.

At least, not affordable or quick ones.

Sure, you could hire a freelancer to
help you format your books…


… but only if you’re happy to spend money you don't need to spend.

At $125 per book, if you only publish 10 books a year, that’s $1250 in money out of your pocket! Not acceptable.

So, what about software?

Sure, there are some tools out there.

But almost all of them are terrible!

I’ve spent hours scouring Google for a decent tool that could format and publish my Kindle books, but amazingly, I only found 2 that even came close to what I wanted.

But they turned out to be a fat waste of cash too, because:

They actually screw with the formatting more than they fix
They accidently remove chunks of content
They make your computer and web browser unstable
They don’t store your uploads
They don’t save your raw book files
They don’t even publish to Kindle for you

Feel free to search the web for yourself, but I’ll save you a couple of hours of your time and tell you straight out…

… there’s really NOTHING out there for Kindle publishers.

And that’s why we decided to change that, with…

Azon Publishing Pro

Azon Publishing Pro allows you to create, format and publish your Kindle books to the live marketplace all within one central control panel.

No need to learn weird coding, or risk losing files, or waste days going back and forth with the Kindle approval team.

In fact, you don’t even need MS Word to create your books anymore! The program has it's own built in editing software.

Watch how easy it is to format and publish a Kindle book!

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser

With Azon Publishing Pro you can…

Create new books within your control panel (no need for MS Word!)
Upload existing books to edit and format for Kindle
Auto format your entire book in seconds
Auto format your Table of Contents
Submit to Kindle marketplace
Manage your entire Kindle library, working files and uploads in one place
Grab sales reports without logging into Kindle

With this kind of automation, you’ll get a Kindle production edge like never before…

Rocket your Kindle exposure…

Faster, hassle free publishing means more books on Kindle and more books means more money.

Supercharge your sales…

Better formatting means better reviews… and better reviews means more sales.

Save a bucket load of cash…

No more freelance formatters that empty your wallet.

Bring back the fun…

Forget the stresses and strains of file management, book rejections, bugs and bad reviews and fast-track your Kindle empire today!

So with that in mind…

What’s this really worth to you?

How many hours are you prepared to waste in formatting your books manually? How many Kindle resubmissions can you handle this week, month or year?

How much money can you afford to burn on freelancers or totally useless software tools that don’t do half of what Azon Publishing Pro can do…

… especially when you KNOW there’s a better, easier, faster way?

When you think of the time and money you’d be wasting on all those things, I think you’ll find that Azon Publishing Pro is an absolute steal at just… $19.95



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Just one small investment to save you hours of stress, hassle and learning curves when it comes to Kindle formatting…

… and give you a massive shortcut to publishing more books, faster, and keeping everything organized and on track.

Say goodbye to the complicated formatting…

… the buggy Table Of Contents issue…

… the file management hassles…

… these things can eat up your time and money, potentially putting you out of the Kindle game altogether.

And that’s why thousands of people have already invested in Azon Publishing Pro…


I don’t know you personally, but I do know this:

There has never been a better time to cash in with Kindle. With billions – yes literally billions – being spent each year on Kindle books, now is the time to get as many of your books published on there as possible.

But every day that you wrestle with formatting errors, weird coding, buggy TOC’s and rejected submissions… is another day wasted.

Don’t spend another dime on freelancers, or waste another minute of your precious time learning by hand, losing files or getting your books refused…

… because like thousands of others, you could be using Azon Publishing Pro to slash the learning curve, save bags of time and get your Kindle books on sale with ease.

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